Why Art?


Andrew Wyeth’s painting, entitled “Christina’s World”, (shown above) is one of the earliest paintings I can remember appreciating as a piece of “art”. My sister had a print of it hanging on her bedroom wall and it caught my attention during my middle school years. It’s astonishing detail, mysterious subject, and masterful union of idea & form were not apparent to me at the time, but it gave me a sense of what great art can accomplish. more

I have a deep appreciation and enthusiasm for art. I am constantly seeking opportunities and events that expose myself to new and interesting creative projects. When I visit a city, the first place I go is to an art museum. I enjoy experiencing all kinds of creative projects and learning about the creative process. In addition to observing art, I participate; I make collages out of magazines and post them online. Here is one of my favorites:


I currently reside in Carlisle, Pennsylvania as a senior English major at Dickinson College. During my final year on campus, I will immerse myself in Carlisle’s creative community and use this blog to link it to the much larger online community. I will interview artists, document exhibits/shows, explore creative spaces, and much more.

Carlisle has a vibrant artistic community. (Just take a look at this video!) I hope to discover new facets of this community and gain a deeper understanding of its nature and influence. Many creative and inspiring people make up this community; behind every work of art is a creative mind. In addition to documenting art, I hope to explore questions such as: ‘How is creativity inspired?’, ‘What spaces inspire art?’, and ‘Why do we create art?’

Art for the Artless will entertain, inspire, explore, and inform. If you are looking to discover and participate in a vibrant artistic community, then you’ve come to the right place. So get excited and dive in—let’s explore.


  1. I took an art class abroad last fall and realized that art was not my forte. However, your blog post caught my attention. I thought you did a great job incorporating multimodal aspects in your blog such as the link to the Dickinson YouTube video and your personal website showing the collages you have made out of magazines. I am curious to learn more about your question; “why do we create art?”


  2. First of all, I really like your layout and colors scheme. You’ve incorporated a lot of nice textures into your theme, which enhances your posts about art. I appreciate the simplicity of this post. “Why Art?” is such a weighted questions but I think you did a great job with answering it in this short post. I also really liked the use of links to other web pages and to the video.


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