Who Am I?


Me outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art during the summer of 2014 (I think that is Rocky to my left).


Hello readers!

My name is James George. I write this blog. I am a senior English Major at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Before coming to Dickinson in 2011, I went to high school at Northwestern Lehigh. I grew up in a small, rural town called Germansville, PA.

I am currently taking courses at Dickinson, working as an editorial intern at America in WWII magazine, participating in extracurricular activities, and breathing for one minute a week. I started this blog as a semester long project for my Writing In/For Digital Environments class. I chose to write about art in Carlisle in order to explore a different side of the town/campus I’ve known for almost 4 years. On campus I am involved in a lot of creative activities, but I have never had the time to create visual art. At home I frequently collage, but at school I have neither the time nor the resources (my collection of magazines). Despite my inability to collage at Dickinson, I enjoy attending campus and community art events.

This blog encourages me to make time for something I love (which is a pretty good reason to have a blog!) and to connect and inspire others interested in art. In addition, this blog lets me combine my love of writing with my love of art. I have been exploring many different kind of writing in my time at Dickinson (especially this year), but blogging is one of the most fun and applicable. I can see myself continuing to blog in the future. It is a great way for a writer to keep his/her skills fresh!



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